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aha! Access-Clinics

Take website accessibility seriously. If you are not sure your website passes at least the minimum standards of accessibility required by the AODA, experts from the Inclusive Design Research Centre will run this clinic to help you check on the condition of your website.

We can examine your website to:

  • Check for any accessibility problems.
  • Test your site with assistive technology.
  • Prescribe a remedy for existing accessibility issues.
  • Consult on next steps for achieving full accessibility compliance.

This access clinic will enable small business owners to seek advice from IDRC staff and community experts on practical ways to make their physical and virtual services and employee environments more accessible and inclusive.

This clinic will help you on evaluating several elements in your business:

  • Signage and communication.
  • Menus or other elements that you use.
  • Layout of your store.
  • General consultations with experts on accessibility.

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